Introducing Eleanora in Pieces

Getting a book published is a long, slow process. And I’m not even talking about the original time spent writing and editing, which can take years, and then finding an agent or publisher, which can take far longer. Even once you’ve signed a deal to publish, the wait to actually get to the final publication date is extraordinarily (albeit necessarily) long. There are a lot of details to nail down which, as the writer, I’m very invested in getting right! Even with that knowledge, the wait is excruciating.

Which is why I was elated a few weeks ago to receive my manuscript edits from my editor and finally make some big progress towards publication. It had been months since I had even looked at the book, to be honest, and it was a nice experience to get back into the story with fresh eyes and several months worth of new perspective. Luckily my (extremely generous and kind!) editor felt the manuscript was in very good shape and needed only minor work. 

“I must come clean on one thing, however– my brash and overabundant use of commas”

I must come clean on one thing, however– my brash and overabundant use of commas. Man, have I been overconfident in how I inaccurately throw those things around with joyful abandon! Thank goodness for my editor’s competent and patient skills. I bow down to your expertise and promise to try harder in the future to not pause unnecessarily in those long sentences for reckless usage of superfluous punctuation. 

Commas aside, (😂) I worked through all of the other edits and sent them back, along with my additional edits a few days later. After another pass by my editor, the manuscript will go to layout and at some point in the (hopefully!) near future I’ll get the galley proof for final review. There is also still the cover art to decide on – a process I am gleefully looking forward to– and a handful of other details to work out. We are still months away from the release date–the exact date is still TBD–but every day I inch closer and closer to introducing my debut novel, *** ELEANORA IN PIECES *** to the world!

Every day I inch closer and closer to introducing my debut novel ELEANORA IN PIECES to the world!

Update (August 2023): Due to staffing and production issues, after continued delays my original publisher was unable to meet their contractual obligations regarding the publication of Eleanora in Pieces, and many other books under contract at their press. I chose not to renew my own contract as they were unable to commit to a publication date. However, I am very happy to say that I have signed with a new publisher and Eleanora in Pieces will be published by Black Rose Writing on September 5, 2024.