Coming September 5, 2024
from Black Rose Writing !

Eleanora in Pieces

Debut novel by Jessica Maffetore

A mother’s heart can be full of love, and still break a thousand times….

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About Eleanora in Pieces:

It’s been two years since her 4-year-old son…her baby…her Owen disappeared from his bed in the middle of the night. Every day Eleanora waits for news that he’s been found. And every day she lives with the nightmare of knowing that she failed to protect her son. 

Intuition tells her that Owen is alive and Eleanora shuts out everyone who doesn’t believe. But she fails to see that her single-minded hope has come at the expense of everything else she used to care about. With her career ruined, her marriage disintegrating, and her family coping with the loss in ways she can’t understand, Eleanora is left trying to claw her way out of the black hole her world has become. 

When an unexpected surprise suddenly offers Eleanora a second chance at happiness, she is shocked to feel…nothing. Doubting her own worth, questioning her right to find peace and still praying for her son’s return, Eleanora struggles to see that life, ugly and painful as it can be, might still be worth living.

Early reviewers have called Eleanora in Pieces “lyrical,” “gripping from the first page,” “full of emotional depth,” and “a poignant portrait of loss, redemption, and the relationships that tear us apart and bring us together.”

“I used to have nightmares sometimes that he was gone. That I would turn around in a store and he would have vanished. The presence of him, his sticky hand in mine chased the nightmares away…

Until he was gone. And then, everything was gone.”

~ Eleanora in PIECES