Hi there, I’ve gotten a few questions since I started telling people about my first book. Here are the answers in case you had the same ones: 

I didn’t know you wrote! (Not a question, but still!)
I do! Or, I do when I can, which means I write sometimes, when I am not working or walking my dogs or taking my kids places or running or cleaning my house or doing the thousand other things that seem to fill up the day, which leaves very tiny slivers of time for writing. I’ve had a few short stories and poetry published in the past, though it’s been awhile since I’ve submitted anything for publication. I really enjoy writing and would love to dedicate more time to it. 

Is this the first book you have written?
This is actually the second book I have written, but the first that got any interest from a publisher. That first one may or may not ever see the light of day, it just depends on whether or not a publisher ever decides they want to publish it.  

What is your upcoming book about?
It is the story of a mother whose 4-year-old son has gone missing. However, the book takes place 2 years after his disappearance, so it’s the story of how she is surviving (or not surviving) life without her child. It’s largely about mental health, the joy and pain of parenthood and the different ways people deal with grief. 

What’s the title?
Eleanora. Named for the title character.  

When can I get it?
TBD. I promise to scream it from the rooftops as soon as I can.

How can I stay up to date with all the wonderful and amazing things related to your book(s) and writing?
Oh wow, thanks for asking! You can follow me on Instagram, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or sign up in the sidebar to get news and updates.